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#SailingDelight idea connection Crews and catamarans aim to perfection.

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In just one week, while also sunbathingon yacht/catamaran and having a great time with your friends (future or current ones) we will visit several dozen breathtaking destinations of the region: Gorgeous beaches, bays, cities, towns, and obviously all the water attractions.

We are happy to come up with an itinerary fitting your tastes and wishes to make sure you have enough time for sightseeing, lying around on the most beautiful beaches, snorkeling in the best bays we know and trying out the amazing local cuisine wherever we go . Last but certainly not least we ensure that you learn not just to sail but to play with the yacht - to use its amazing possibilities to the maximum and enjoy being one with the sea.

Our mission is to establish the Modern Sailing Era - travelling with maximum comfort while using every opportunity to create the life-lasting memories and have adventures that you will never forget!.

Without templates and treating EVERY issue with open mind we have soon found ourselves on the highway to perfection.


We are hoping to hear from you and start your adventure soon!

Piotr Szczeszek

Founder of SieDzieje.net





SieDzieje Piotr Szczeszek

ul Borsucza 38

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SieDzieje Piotr Szczeszek

ul Borsucza 38

61-065 Poznań

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We are located at Boruscza 38 in Poznan, POLAND. .

If you would like to meet, we suggest your pick of a place in the city or online using Skype, Whatsapp, Hangouts or Messenger.

Call +48 515 145 144 to make get things started right now!!