Idea: Sailing Delight

Sailing Delight:


#SailingDelight = The idea of looking for better solutions. Opening your head to change, "sailing" through life, becomes more and more enjoyable. In our case, it is adjusting a way of enjoy well maintained yachts and catamarans, to the needs of the group, so that each week of your yacht sightseeing should be the best time for everyone.

Good Skipper of #SailingDelight Idea, puts the People in the first place. He cares that everyone enjoys themselves not giving harm to selves, yacht or the environment.

He chooses the best beaches, towns, islands, caves to visit, and the port that is the closest to the attractions, shops or taverns.

He adjusts the day plan to the current situation on a current basis: willingness of the crew, energy on board (His too! Tired skipper will do you no good.), wind conditions, solar conditions and further possibilities.

On the board he notices things that can be done more comfortable, pleasurable or funny and do not waste the opportunity to create funny memories.

It's simple - many people already do it, without even knowing that we call it that way - after all, it was enough to open the head to all options and choose the best!

And what do You think?