Catamaran Lagoon 400



Catamaran is a large luxurious unit - spacious, very stable and safe. The boat feels like an exclusive bungalow. The only exception is that here the beautiful views that are always in sight almost magically change with every entry onto the deck. Two living rooms connected together by a mini bar are ideal for parting the whole crew together and a large deck with net and elevated roof serve well sunbathing and admiring the changing landscape. The catamaran has four double cabins and additional two sleeping places at the bow and a possibility of folding out the sofa in the living room. It is equipped with four or two bigger toilets with showers what significantly increases the comfort during the trip.

Additionally its low immersion allows to swim into every bay and almost dock at the beach. Every catamaran has a crane for the motor dinghy - thanks to this no cave nor lagoon can escape us! :)


Lagoon 400


Lagoon 400 is a project created to answer all needs and suggestions of owners and guests spending their holidays at the luxury boats. As the effect we have got a very exclusive boat, finished off with best materials, spacious, comfortable and with many small yet meaningful solutions significantly improving the comfort of sailing.

  • Length: 11.97m, Width: 7.25m, Weight: 10 348kg
  • Crew: 8+1+1(+2 on sofa in the living room)
  • +2/4 toilets with showers + 1 extra shower on the deck
  • + 2 fridges with freezers
  • + audio system out- and inside
  • + crane for the motor dinghy
  • +2 spacious living rooms
  • + kitchen, fully equipped oven


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