Yacht Sun Odyssey 439


For our sailing trips, depending on the crew's needs, we choose the yachts at least 13 meters-long (without upper limit), for 7-12 people, with four or five double cabins. We only take the boats class A+, meaning they are impossible to be blown over and unsinkable. Large solid hull offers desirable stability. Both living room and cockpit allow the crew to integrate and party all together. On the boat we have from two up to five toilets with showers. The sound system is both in- and outside. Wide half-decks are meant for sunbathing.

On top of that yachts give the opportunity of sailing in the style of New Sailing Era: you can tilt on the side, fly on the lines, tow a subwing, jump from the spar ( the metal horizontal tube;) and many many more.



Sun odyssey 439


Smaller than others, however having all the attributes necessary for a comfortable sailing and resting. Perfect for families with children - even the small ones, as you can set up a safety net around the entire yacht. Under the deck in the flat end part of the boat there are two comfortable cabins and a bathroom with a seperate shower cubicle. Sun Odyssey 439 also offers a big, perfectly lighted mess with a foldable table and a comfortable kitchen with convenient cupboards.

Lenght: 13,34 m, width: 4,24 m

Crew: 8 + 2 after unfolding the lounge sofa

+ 2 bathrooms with showers + additional shower on the deck

+ fridge and freezer



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