Destination Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde


Cabo Verde are unspoilt by the massive tourism islands, distinguished by the amazing diversity of fauna and flora. Depending on which island you are on, you can admire beaches and the sea, mountains and forests, cities and people, and even volcanoes and deserts. The Kaboverdens care about their community, as well as culture, which is completely different from ours - European. This is an ideal option for those, who want to get the knowledge about the world. In addition, the exceptionally clear, clean and warm water with beautiful, unpopulated beaches, encourage bathing.

What to see on Cabo Verde: 

  • Beautful beaches

    and spotlessly clean water

  • Wonderful islands

    and diversity of fauna and flora

  • O firmie
    Interesting people

    and their culture

  • SieDzieje
    New Sailing

    Enjoy the yacht

  • O firmie
    snorkeling in cristal clear water


  • O firmie
    have fun with the yacht